A tribute to Darshanyogi Bhimananada Maharaj (Sri Bhimchandra Gure), the most venerable advisor of our whole mankind

About Bhimananda

The birth of Darshanyogi 14 Paus 1333*.


Earned the latent power of human being ‘Kulakundalini’ Aswin 1365*.


Attained the divine grace or spiritual power 16 Shravan 1366*.


Acquired the wonderful skill in creation 27 years after attaining the divine grace.


The ascent of Darshanyogi to heaven 11 Ashar 1409*. 

Home Life

Born: -- Wednesday, the 14th of Paus 1333* at the dwelling- house of maternal uncle, Late Jatindra Mohan Mondal.


Birth place: -- Kukhabarh, a backward village of that time near to village Kola(Kolaghat), in the ancient  undivided Medinipore (at present Purba Medinipore) district of West Bengal.


Father: -- Late Krishna Pada Gure worked as a skilled mechanic of a small Portman making steel shop at Khejurbagan near-by to Beleghata , Kolkata.


Mother: -- Late Saraswati Gura, a house wife.


Marriage: -- On 9th of Agryahyan 1356/57*, with Miss Sarala Sau (of age 15/16 yrs.) the only daughter of Late Ishan Chandra Sau of village Mesera, 3 kms (approx) away from Kolaghat.


Brother, one: --  Arjun Chandra Gure (now died), a day- labourer.


Sister, one: -- Widow and spend her personal life as house wife.


Wife: -- Smt. Sarala Gure, a house wife.


Sons, four: --  Panchanan, Sanatan, Swapan & Bimal, all are married and presently engage in different works.


Daughters, three: --  Mukta, Sabita and Namita, all are married and spend personal life as house wife.


Depart from the world: -- Wednesday, the 11th of Ashar 1409* at own residential house. 

Student Life (Read & write only)

1) Started, at Kolkata in touch with father but only for a few days.


2) Very near to home, by the guidance of maternal uncle for several months only.


3) With the help of the employers’ sons during recess time of work.


4) Ended at Paikpari Satyananda Yoga Ashram near to Kolaghat at night school for aged, completed 1st & 2nd part of ‘Barna Parichaoy’ written by Pandit Iswar Chandra Vidyasagar.


Desired to receive the supernatural knowledge and wonderful art of creation (cosmology) through prayer & worship.

Practical life

1) Started, in a small tile making works at a little distance from home on daily payment basis 09 paisa / day at the age of 12/13 yrs. to carry out orders.


2) After few months engaged himself as a casual labourer in another tile making factory belonging to Mr. Koley (known as Koley Burro) on daily payment basis 37 paisa /day. 


3) Permanently appointed as a skilled labourer, in the big tile manufacturing factory at Paikpari as an employee of Becharam Pal & Felucharan Pal (at present both are died) at the age of 20/21 yrs. on daily payment basis 62 paisa/day. 


4) Sometimes particularly in the rainy season when the tile factory were remain closed, worked as a coolie in jute godowns at Kolaghat for loading and unloading of jute products on contract basis.


5) Ended active life as a skilled workman at the said factory of Late Becharam Pal on weekly payment basis, till attacked by the incurable disease of cancer – in the year 1407*  (last pay Rs. 70/ day).

Prayer & worship

1. Started  to maintain physical & mental health at the age of 15/16 years through body building by exercise and yogic exercise at Paikpari Satyananda Yoga Ashram.


2. Performed religious ceremonies through yogic path of spiritual attainments from 1361/62* in the said Ashram.  


3. Inspired by Swami Brahmananda in charge of Paikpari Satyananda Yoga Asharm of that time. 


4. Guide books, -- Bhaktamal, Ramayana, Mahabharata, Vishnupurana, Keibartapurana & the Geeta (purchased directly from Mahesh Library at college st. Kolkata, in the year 1359*).


5. Acquired active power of the universe (Kulakundalini) one evening at the end of Aswin 1365*.


6. Received the divine grace (secured third eye or mind`s eye) 1.00 pm on 16th Sraban 1366* at the 1st floor of mud-built own dwelling -house.  At that very moment reveled by the God as “ONCE UPON A TIME YOU WILL BE MANIFESTED AS THE GREATEST INDIAN PHILOSOPHER (DARSHANYOGI)’’. 


7. Attained the mystery of creation or acquired the supernatural knowledge -- 27 yrs. after receiving the inward or third eye.  


*Bengali calendar year.