A tribute to Darshanyogi Bhimananada Maharaj (Sri Bhimchandra Gure), the most venerable advisor of our whole mankind

About Kriyayoga (The version of Darshanyogi)

The real nature of God is Nirguna (attribute less) and Nirakara (amorphous). Even that is not proved through arguments and logical reasoning. God is realized through plunging into Him and the path that should be followed up is called Kriyayoga.
Kriyayoga is an exceptional step of prayer & worship.
There is nothing to be gained only by reading books or listening the lectures on yoga. Kriyayoga becomes a habit through real practice. So we need to a real guru (spiritual master) and have to be in touch with him, otherwise it may be harmful if there is any serious mistake happens. Everyone should be in vicinity with one’s mentor or guru to overcome the mistakes.
This Kriyayoga makes a man a great yogi. That’s why the Lord Krishna repeatedly advised ‘Arjuna’ as, Oh! “Arjuna” you become a yogi (ascetic). You will be a conglomerate of all the powers of yoga if you become a complete yogi. The stairs which one has to resort to reach that stage is actually the Kriyayoga.


Learnings of Darshanyogi (as Kriyayogi):--

During practicing Kriyayoga, Darshanyogi learns:--
1. We do the mistakes due to the formation of our human body structure which is formulated through blood, flesh & bone (air passing through spinal & other 2-cords of backbone) similar to the formation of earth with water, soil, and wind.
2. The gravitational force of earth always restrained firmly to overcome the true facts & figures.
3. The air in every human body consisting of the water particles or moisture prevents the search for real truth and God all the times just like men drawn up in a battle order. Air as a whole is black in color.
4. The mind is only the liaison officer of a body who makes bridges between this world and the next world. All parts of a human body are perishable whereas the inherent part, the mind, is only immortal.
5. To learn the wonderful running system of the universe, the mind is to be concentrated by controlling the air within the body and that is only possible by the way of ‘Kriyayoga'.
6. Among all the living beings, science and God, only God has the supreme power. He is the Parampita Parambrahma but not like the God Krishna nor like the Goddess Kali.
7. The Lord God i.e. the supreme power of creation, the birth, the doctrine of rebirth & the consequences of deeds & misdeeds all have their reality of own. The only way to acquire them is by self realization through ‘Gyanyoga’ (knowledge as a means of salvation).
8. The nature has its own characteristics such that by hook or by crook it will always help the right person who wishes to follow its good discipline & systems.
9. Riches & chattels are essential to fulfill self–indulgence or to enjoy sensual pleasure for this world but prayer & worship are required not only for the mental peace of this world but also to formulate the life after death for the next world.