A tribute to Darshanyogi Bhimananada Maharaj (Sri Bhimchandra Gure), the most venerable advisor of our whole mankind

Teachings of Darshanyogi – as Darshanacharya

After receiving the third eye Darshanacharya started & completed his teachings with the devotees’ & disciples daily 1 to 2 hours after completion of days` work firstly at the residence of Sri Nemai Pal , secondly at the tile factory of Late Becharam Pal on a rental basis of Rs.150/ month and lastly at the residence of Sri Samar Saha , till his death. His teachings for the well-being of mankind---

1. To tackle all type of critical problems in a state the money is to be abolished totally from the social life. But it will still remain in accounts, in pen & pad only. This is the only way by which severe unemployment problem with others can be solved easily.

2. Food grains & all essential commodities will be supplied to individual in lieu of productive or creative labour only; there should be no other alternatives. Those will be distributed equally among the same categories of peoples or employees. This should be the distribution policy in a state.

3. All the enjoyment & affluences are available in the market in lieu of money now, but if those were available only by the way of productive labour and no other means or alternatives, then all will be compelled to pay attention to accomplish their own jobs perfectly. In administration it should be remembered first in future.

4. As per the natural system every human being come into life as fully naked they will again fall into the jaws of death by the same way. So for fruitful utilization of  natural properties all movables & immovable properties will be taken over from private to public ownership i.e. controlled fully by the Govt. itself. One’s health, character, activities & education will only be treated as his own property.

5. There are very much difference on mass, motion, size, shapes works among planets, mini planets & the sun etc. but the technique by which they all are stabled in the vast sky is entirely by maintaining in balance with each other. Similarly we i.e. every human being has also too much differences in habit, nature, character & culture etc. To smoothly maintain the social life all over the world, we have also to follow up the above techniques of the nature in toto.

6. In a state ruling system the Science & Technology will play the main & vital role which will be inspired by noble deeds & supported by religion & spirituality.

7. As a response of hanging slogan ‘education for all’, initiative will be taken immediately for the spread of education of all. Primary educations from childhood for each and every citizen would be the must & compulsory. There will be ample opportunities to receive education of all.

8. Nature based education will be adopted or implemented specially for higher education in respect to one’s biasness & potency knack. Natural system and its discipline will be followed everywhere in education & social systems.

9. To build up a disciplined as well as well-restrained nation in education, religion & spiritualism must be introduced in a proper way.

10. Our long standing demand ` jobs for all` will be fulfilled immediately in reality without delay (and it is also possible). All will bind & be compelled to perform their individual duties or tasks efficiently as per the competency.

11. As per natural system each and every human being has individual quality and capacity. To ascertain or determine one’s ability or competency his glorious achievements or heroic deeds for the development or benefit of the mankind will be taken into account. In a social service no one having his mentally & physically fitness will be kicked off or be flung away as unsuitable.

12. In a governing system of state, one’s quality will be in the topmost priority, it can never be ignored. Ample opportunities & facilities will be extended for the weaker section & backward class or community to develop or uplift their individual quality. But reservation should not be prolonged by depriving the fittest.

13. In society, females i.e. mother and sisters will be engaged as server to the society & specially to keep the living environments neat & clean.

14. In present age of the world without distinction of caste & creed, all should repeat silently the very names--

                "Hare Krishna Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna Hare Hare,

                 Hare Rama Hare Rama, Rama Rama Hare Hare''.

as because those were formulated by matching with the creator & the creation on one side and the nature , the universe and the human body on the other.