A tribute to Darshanyogi Bhimananada Maharaj (Sri Bhimchandra Gure), the most venerable advisor of our whole mankind

Message of Darshanyogi – as Samajguru

As Samajguru the Darshanyogi has his own message for each and every person especially for next generations of our native country and abroad i .e foreign countries that--


 “To search the whole universe, all the materials or ingredients required are remaining stored in each of our human body, it has only to be cultivated properly through science & religion both. For which, I will never ask everyone to become a saint or monks but I have my own advice to go through respective duties perfectly. This will automatically create good understanding with love & affection among each other & as a long run will carry the national integrity and patriotism & lastly universal love.

Instead of helping by cash money or kindness to weaker section or backward communities of the society we should have tried to build them in good physique & health first and then in mind, heart & soul through appropriate/ proper education & consciousness.


Seeds & fields are ready, you have only to plough & crop up. On the way, if such circumstances happens or any problem arises or trouble comes or obstruction opens then also not to worry , as per the governing system of creation any one like me will again appear with his followers to overcome the critical situations at that time.