A tribute to Darshanyogi Bhimananada Maharaj (Sri Bhimchandra Gure), the most venerable advisor of our whole mankind

The real truths about the ALMIGHTY GOD

1)  The lord of the universe i.e. the Supreme Being (Iswar) is amorphous, attribute less & speechless (silent). There is one & only one way to receive Him & i.e. by the Kriyayoga. whereas, the Gods or Goddesses (Bhagaban) are embodied (3-dimensions) and visible, having with capacity of speeches. There are various ways to receive them.

2) To receive the Supreme Spirit, air contents in the human body are to be pumped out by the way of Kriyayoga.

3) It takes 27 years to gather the knowledge of mystery or theory of creation after attaining the divine grace or spiritual power.

4) Women should not practice the Kriyayoga as they are weak in their body structure.

5) We are unable to realize the real truth due to the moisture contents in the air and the gravitational force of the earth.

6) The man possessing his arms reaching down to the knees in the body (with some other natural signs) indicate that he will be able to acquire the wonderful skill in creation, similar to the formation of cloud in the sky is the sign of rain.

The real truths about the Sun, Moon & Earth

1. Both the sun and the earth were created by the same power of universal nature (Galaxy). ‘The earth is generated from the sun’ this is not at all true.

2. The Earth is created for the smooth running of the Sun whereas the Sun & the Earth both were created for the well- being of all creatures & specially for the human being.

3. The fuel amassed or accumulated beyond the surface of earth is in a subtle state, to gain energy it can never be used in the similar processes adopted on the earth.

4. A motion of the earth was generated by the power of universal nature and as a result it helped to form water, soil and wind for the creation of life.

5. Created in the periphery of the sun there are no similar creatures in any other planets or mini planets like the earth.

6. The inner course of the earth is boiling with indignation continuously, various minerals and metals are created from there.

7. We have different views for religion, it will never reduced or transformed into a single view due to the round shape of the earth instead of flattened.

8. As the intensity of the magnetism is greater in the southern region of the earth no spacecraft can be thrown in the space in that way easily.

9. Nature itself creates different languages.

10. At first the trees were created directly & automatically on the soil of earth, then their flowers, fruits, seeds etc. and again trees. Those are happening through succession of ages, besides which the power of universal nature was the main.

11. There is hard, dried, frozen ice- like water in the moon. It is not possible for human beings to live in such water. But there are some hidden materials in it by which it is possible to cure some critical diseases.

12. The sun has no light of its own but it has the similar system of lighting on, just like a lantern.

13. In a human body the belly (containing stomach & bowels) supplies energy to the head to perform its governor’s duty successfully; there is a good & similar relationship between the earth and the sun respectively.